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Eye Test

Eyesight Test  for Practical Car Driving Test

Before you can begin the driving test you should exhibit that your visual perception is adequate to have the option to drive securely. You do this by perusing a spotless number plate of the old style from a base separation of 20.5 meters (roughly 67 feet or 5 vehicle lengths). In the event that perusing another style number plate (these letters are smaller) you should have the option to peruse it from a base separation of 20 meters (around 66 feet).

In the event that you experience issues with communicated in English you are allowed to record what you see. On the off chance that you have to wear glasses or contact focal points to accomplish this, you will be required to wear them all through the test and at whatever point you drive regularly. In the event that you can't peruse the number plate the inspector will request that you read a subsequent number plate and if vital take you somewhat closer to right over the necessary separation.

In the event that you despite everything have an issue the inspector will, at that point measure the specific separation and check your capacity to peruse a third number plate. In the event that you can't peruse this third plate effectively you will bomb your driving test and the test will go no further.