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Dealing With Cyclists

When you notice a cyclist on the road ahead you should always:

  • Slow down Keep in mind that bicycles are considered to be vehicles as well so you should treat them with same respect as any other motorist on the road.
  • Be patient and give them plenty of time when turning and crossing junctions. Being impatient and trying to overtake them make things worst.
  • Give the cyclist as much room as possible when passing them. The distance between your vehicle and the cycle should be about a meter.
  • Be very attentive; remember that as the cycles do not make noise and are small in size it is rather difficult to spot them.
  • Although most of cyclists are sound people there are odd exceptions. Some of them jump into the bike without thinking, without wearing reflective or protective cloths and without caring about other drivers and road rules.
  • Be especially attentive and careful when opening vehicle’s doors. A lot of cyclists are injured with car doors opened into their way.

Slow Moving Traffic, Mopeds, Cyclist, Horses etc

If the moped is of slower kind you should treat it according to rules for cycles.

The following tips should be followed if there is a horse rider on a road:

  • 1. Make sure that there is enough room for horse and rider. Reduce your speed and pass very carefully and not raving your car too much.
  • 2. Do no blow the horn when the horse is close to your car. Loud sounds can frighten the animal and in this case its behavior is unpredictable.
  • 3. If the horse and rider are on narrow road, slow down and wait until it is is safe and clear to overtake.
  • 4. Don’t try to overtake if the horse is scared. Stop and wait for the rider to control the animal and calm it down.
  • 5. Dip the headlight when passing at night.