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There can be many reasons why anyone may want to learn to drive. It may well be that they just want to do it for the sake of it or just for the challenge, not necessarily realising that it might come in useful at somepoint in future.

Even simple peer pressure can often be the sole reason why - ‘My mate’s passed his test, I’d better do it as well’.

Generally speaking we can broadly divide the motivation for driving into three categories.


Even with the congestion so often experienced on today’s roads believe it or not there is still great pleasure to be derived from being able to drive. There are over 21 million licence holders in the U.K. and a significant proportion drive for the pure pleasure of it.

This is evidenced by the fact that so many people customise their cars – even bikes and trucks are treated in the same way. They are tended to with loving care, cleaned and polished to perfection and regularly serviced and maintained. There are even dedicated clubs throughout the country for almost any model of car on the planet – including trucks and bikes and a few hybrids as well. Meetings are frequent and enthusiastically attended by members who proudly show off their pride and joy, whether it be vintage cars or modern super cars.

Another great source of pleasure for millions of drivers is the ability to get out at the weekends and visit some of the thousands of picturesque towns and villages throughout the U.K. where they can either shop or take refreshments in the local tea rooms. A large percentage go in search of one of the many thousands of country pubs which are unique to our island and where the local beer is sampled in conjunction with a nice meal in pleasant surroundings, (no drinking and driving please). A significant number travel the country visiting English Heritage or National Trust sites and other places of interest learning about the history of this ‘green and pleasant land’, or simply the way people lived in a bygone age.

Large numbers join caravan clubs, of which there are many, and follow the ‘snail trail’ towing their temporary homes behind them and travel the length and breath of the country with few worries about where to stay or where to eat.

There are many more pleasures to be gained from the ability to drive, some of which are evidenced by the popularity of the numerous television programs and newspaper features relating to driving in general. You may well think of some of your own, but the plain fact is there is still some pleasure in driving.


The very fact that you can drive makes life so much easier to manage.  

There will be no more waiting for buses and trains, hence the reason why the use of private taxis has become so popular. You have at your disposal a door to door means of getting from A to B – something which buses and trains cannot provide and never will. Additionally you can do so in dry, warm and comfortable conditions and listening to your favourite music at the same time. You can also start out just when you want and not be tied to someone else’s timetable.

Commuting back and forth to work can cost you hours of leisure time, whereas driving will save you lots of time and hassle. Yes, it can be frustrating in the rush hour at times, but remember buses have to use the same roads also! Additionally, many workers these days have the advantage of working flexible hours and can avoid the rush hours arriving at their destinations warm and dry.

The tedious task of doing the weekly shopping is made so much easier. There will be no more carrying heavy bags on and off buses – no more back ache. You can even save money by being able to visit out of town stores and taking advantage of their generally more competitive prices.

DIY is made easier and cheaper by the very ability to hunt around for bargains, find all the materials and being able to transport them home without having to pay for delivery.

Moms and dads can do the school run in fair weather and foul. It’s a particular boon if you have children attending different schools and it has the very positive advantage that you have peace of mind knowing they can come and go in safety.

Visiting granny and granddad, family and friends is also made easier. Just load up the car and off you go with no time restrictions and no public transport costs.

These are just some of the things which will make life so much more convenient. You may have a few ideas of your own, but one thing is for sure, you will have a lot more time to yourself when you are unburdened by the restrictions of public transport.


It is said that 70% of all the vehicles on the roads at any given time are not being driven by the owners.

This is not to imply they are all stolen. It simply gives some indication of the huge numbers of people who need to be able to drive in order to go about their normal day to day business.

From local delivery drivers to truck drivers, from bus drivers to taxi drivers, from company reps to couriers, from milkman to white van man - they all need to be able to drive.

Basically it boils down to the fact that if you can drive you can always get a job. Most companies these days will ask whether you can drive when you attend interviews. If you can’t your options are limited.

There are approximately 28 million vehicles registered in the U.K. If you accept the 70% figure above it surely must imply that many millions are being used for business or commercial purposes of one kind or another.

If you are skilled in some trade or other being able to drive enables you to purchase a vehicle and start your own business. There are not many tradesmen who would succeed without this additional skill.

If you are a salesman being able to drive enables you to get away from telephone sales and get around the country meeting your potential customers. Having the use of a company leased car has quite definite advantages.

Delivery drivers of all kinds are essential for moving goods and supplies around the country. Without them the entire infrastructure of modern life would seize up.

Bus drivers and taxi drivers play an equally essential part in their role of people moving. After all, if workers can’t get to work how would businesses do business and producers produce? If children can’t get to school what would be the point of teachers? There are many such questions all pointing to the fact that people need to move around the country and drivers get them there – whether chauffeured or self driven.

All the emergency services - police, fire and ambulance - require the ability to drive. In fact any industrial company or business which provides a call-out service requires its operatives to have a driving licence.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of other examples where having a driving licence is the key to open all doors, but there is one which deserves a special mention – driving instructors. Without them who would teach the learner drivers?


Drive Safely.